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agents were tapping chancellor angela merkel's mobile phone, something he denies. >>> state-run media in china says a car that ran into pedestrians in beijing's tiananmen square killed five people, two of them tourists. >>> one of japan's biggest banks is punishing top executives for knowingly loaning money to criminal organizations. >>> u.s. president barack obama is facing more questions about what he knew and when regarding the activities of his intelligence agents. a german newspaper says obama found out three years ago that the national security agency was tapping chancellor angela merkel's mobile phone. that contradicts reports he told her he was unaware. nhk world's noriko okada has more. >> reporter: the german newspaper is the latest media source to publish details of how the u.s. spied on german chancellor angela merkel. it spoke to a u.s. intelligence worker involved in the operation. it says that person revealed the head of the national security agency informed the president obama in person about the surveillance in 2010. the paper quoted the source as saying obama did not
angela merkel for the last three years. this contradicts reports that obama had told merkel he didn't know. citing a u.s. intelligence worker involved in the spying operation, he said nsa chief keith alexander informed obama in person about the surveillance in 2010. the paper quoted the source as saying that obama did not stop the operation back then, but let it continue. the article said they increased the surveillance to include the contents of merkel's text messages. the agency then started tapping a new, supposedly bug-proof cell phone she acquired this past summer. media reports say obama apologized to merkel when she called him on wednesday. the president told merkel he would have stopped the bugging had he known about it. specs spokespersons for the nsa have denied the allegations. the agency said in a statement in beijing on sunday that nsa chief alexander never had talks with president obama about its spying activities on people, including merkel in 2010. a german weekly magazine has disclosed the details of allegations that u.s. intelligence services secretly collected inf
and chancellor angela merkel had angry conversations with the president. i think finally we are going to a point where something is happening. >> and the europeans are now threatening practical repercussions about american access to terrorist funds. is that the first sign that the europeans are not just going to say we are angry, we are going to do something about this? >> it is. it is about waking washington up. a review of our intelligence gathering is not going to be enough. we have to change the approach and the relationship. the swift agreement is in peril. other things could be in peril. safe harbor agreements, passenger name recognition. all of the important data that , not re transatlanticly to mention the trade and investment partnership. >> while they want to send washington a message that they are not happy, they don't want to jeopardize economic relations with washington. european allies are also benefiting from some of the information america is gathering. >> absolutely. that is why it has taken so long to get some tracks to wake washington up into doing something. i think european
, angela merkel, called president obama to tell him to stop listening to her cell phone. late today, the chairwoman of the senate intelligence committee, dianne feinstein, said she is "totally opposed to spying on allies." well, no eavesdropping was required for u.s. officials to get an earful from european representatives in washington today. here's state department correspondent margaret brennan. >> reporter: members of the european parliament arrived for a closed-door meeting with house intelligence committee chairman mike rogers this morning. but the explanation they got did not satisfy germany's elmar brok who said the wiretapping of angela merkel's phone was a criminal act. >> if we have the feeling that your closest allies are spying on you, it's difficult to talk to such an ally in an open way anymore and i think we have to make a clear distinction between fighting together terrorism but not spying on friends. >> reporter: surveillance is a sensitive subject for germans, particularly for those who grew up in the east german police state as merkel did. brok said germany wants
by the senate. terms of allies they go as high as the german chancellor, angela merkel. >> another day, another embarrassment, another ambassador summoned to see angry european officials. on monday they revealed large- scale american intelligence gathering in spain. in oneion phone calls month alone. european parliamentarians met congressional leaders to discuss the surveillance. -- many of my colleagues are angry and disturbed. spying occurs anyway, according to some, but if that is the case we do not feel that that should be the case. >> revelations keep coming and they are acutely embarrassing for washington. the white house says that additional constraints may be needed. they are often quick to defend the need for large-scale intelligence gathering. work being done here protects the united states and our allies. and protects americans. we go into very dangerous places around the world. is not just europeans angry about surveillance. a the u.s. as well there is serious question about the breath and depth of intelligence gathering. >> president obama has said he wants to review the operations
was being tapped. -- angela merkel was being tapped. they discussed the surveillance rogue rams -- programs. they warned of lasting damage to the transatlantic relationship. >> over the weekend, the white house was quiet, not commenting on the spy scandal. press secretary jay carney said that there may need to be additional constraints placed on america's spy agencies. >> there are a number of efforts underway designed to increase transparency, work with congress to look at reforms of the patriot act. to look at ways that we can increase oversight, increase constraints on the authorities provided by these programs. separately, there is a review underway that will look at, among other issues, some of the very specific things in regards to the intelligence gathering. including matters that deal with heads of state and other governments. >> joining me from washington is our correspondent. president obama is under pressure and letting his press secretary do the talking for him. what else to jay carney have to say? >> these were carefully worded statements from mr. carney. they say they do not a
be smart about this. you don't stop terrorists in europe by listening in on angela merkel's cell phone. the rewards of spying on friendly heads of government are probably outweighed by the risks. and most troubling, it's not clear that many of these specific activities were clearly thought through and directed by the white house. nor do they appear to have been vetted by congress. in the wake of 9/11, america got scared and dropped any sense of constraints on its intelligence activities. it is not an accident that the eavesdropping on chancellor merkel began in 2002. the fact that technology now allows the nsa to do anything doesn't mean it should do everything. we need a better and clearer set of rules for intelligence activity and we need confidence that these rules are being followed and observed. let's get started. >>> given the realities i just talked about, what is really going on in the heads of european officials? is all of this anger and outrage genuine? who better to ask than a former top official who can speak freely. that's why i invited germany's defense minister from 2009
angela merkel but the "l.a. times" said current and foreign officials said the white house and state department signed off on it. foreign ambassadors absolutely descended on the capitol to voice their discontent. germany calling for an investigation whether the nsa considered angela merkel a terrorist and james costas was swamped in spain amid the latest report that the u.s. tracked 60 million kaulgs in less than a month there. a landmark bill is said to be introduced in congress addressing oversight. the freedom act would end bulk collection of u.s. phone records and make it harder to target u.s. communications and require the government to more aggressively purge information accidentally collected on americans. also today on capitol hill lawmakers will hear from the woman who oversaw the creation of the online insurance marketplace known as healthercare.gov. you heard of it. yesterday because of the issues surrounding the website the obama administration officially granted a six week extension for shoppers to sign up for coverage next year. you now have until march 31st to do so. c
, president obama was briefed by nsa chief keith alexander about spying on angela merkel's calls. the nsa quickly denied the report telling cnn general sander did not discuss with president obama in 2010 an alleged foreign intelligence operation involving german chancellor merkel, nor has he ever discussed alleged operations involving murkle. the nsa says the willingness up to now to deny present and future monitoring. >> i can tell you the president can assure the chancellor, the sungs not and will not 3407b tore the conversations of the chancellor. >> reporter: they are coming to the u.s. to challenge their american counterparts, after breaking quote german law on german soil. house chairman rodgers defended the nsa under surveillance on cnn sunday saying it was both well regulated and essential to keeping both americans and europeans safe from terrorism. >> i think the biggest story here, candy, if the united states intelligence services weren't trying to collect information with u.s. interests home and abroad. >> reporter: the no. 2, former number two n.cia, mike burrell on "60 minute
citizens. the nsa says barack obama did not know that angela merkel's phone was tapped. german media reported that the u.s. president was informed in 2010 about the phone monitoring. a reporter said the u.s. president must have known the phone tapping was going on. >> this is exactly the kind of intelligence that almost certainly is included in daily intelligence briefs to the president, which, of course, are, you know, the things that are most interesting to the political leadership of this country. so that's why i think that it would be highly unlikely that the president would not have been informed about the fact that the prime minister was being monitored in that way. and that certain tied bits of intelligence must certainly have been - made their way into the oval office in that fashion. this is a serious problem politically for the united states with germany, because of the particular sensitivityies of the german political system, because, of course, the stasi's role in privacy and very aggressive way during the communist period. this is a particularly sensitive issue for the g
chancellor angela merkel's mobile phone for more than ten years. >>> officials in north korea have told nhk they plan to keep a program running that has given people in japan emotional closure. they say they will continue to allow japanese to visit places where their loved ones died. more than 38,000 japanese died in the northern part of the korean peninsula around the end of world war ii. the remains of two-thirds of them are thought to be buried there. nhk world's hiromitsu nagano recently accompanied a group that went to pay respects. >> reporter: three japanese grieved relatives arrived in pyongyang last thursday. one of them was 78-year-old tsuneaki iwata from tokyo. >> translator: i'm deeply moved to be here. arriving in north korea and breathing the air here reminds me that i used to live in this country. i want to tell my father that my mother brought us siblings back to japan safely. >> reporter: iwata used to live with his parents and four siblings in what is now north korea before returning to japan nearly 70 years ago. since then, he has longed to visit the place where his fathe
a month according to el mundo. germany today called for an investigation into nsa's tapping of angela merkel's personal cell phone. the interior minister said the chancellor was spied on which violates german law. he threatened to expel any u.s. diplomats involved. european parliament members from germany and spain descended on washington demanding answers from congressional intelligence committees and threatening sanctions. >> it is not acceptable for example that espionage on chancellor merkel and others. >> we are asking ourselves if now the u.s. or nsa is considering merkel a terrorist. >> reporter: the president didn't know merkel's phone was targeted. is that possible? the diplomatic disaster based on leaks from edward snowden. i asked his intermediary journalist glen greenwald speaking to us from rio. is it credible he would not know? >> unfortunately it is credible. because the nsa has become this rogue agency that really goes off on its own and does whatever it wants. i'm not sure which is scarier, that the president did know and approved it and is now lying about it or that
was not aware agents were monitoring german chancellor angela merkel's communications since 2002. she said she's opposed on gathering intelligence on leaders of u.s. allies. they face questions after questions regarding the nsa's work. they say the u.s. does not and will not monitor merkel's communications, and they say they're conducting a review of their intelligence gathering methods. >> we're acknowledging the tension this has caused. we understand this has caused concern in countries that are -- that represent some of our closest relationships internationally. and we're working to allay those concerns and to discuss these issues. >> carney said last summer president obama ordered a comprehensive review of how the u.s. gathers intelligence. he said the investigation should be completed by the end of the year. >>> japan's financial regulators plan to inspect three major banking groups next week. they include mizuho bank that has admitted to providing loans to organized crime groups. officials at the financial services agency say they have already notified the three banking groups of the upc
. >> angela merkel would very much like to know why the united states has been monitoring her cell phone calls, perhaps this will. invaluable to us to know where countries are coming from, what their policies are, how that would impact us across a whole range of issues. >> or maybe this defense of the program would go down better in berlin. >> it is much more important for our country that we defend this nation and take the beatings than it is to give up a program that would result in this nation being attacked. >> this leads to a lot of red faces in the white house. it's not clear what president obama knew about the surveillance of foreign leaders, but it is awkward and may even force a change in policy. >> we give them policy direction but what we've seen over the last two years is the capacity continues to develop and expand which is why i'm initiating a review now to make sure that was a are able to do does not necessarily mean it is what they should be doing. >> washington's defense of the surveillance program is that everyone spies on everyone and a ay -- anyway but this is question of s
for the national security agency's alleged eavesdropping on german chancellor angela merkel. the "washington post" says that the nsa has also broken into major communications links used by google and yahoo! data centers worldwide. "the post" reported the infiltration on wednesday based on documents obtained by former nsa contractor edward snowden. the reports say by tapping into the links, the nsa has positioned itself to collect at will data from hundreds of millions of users' accounts, this would include emails sent and received, as well as content such as texts, audio and video. the "post" says during the 30-day period up to january 9th of this year, the nsa used the links to collect more than 180 million new records. google said it is outraged at the lengths to which the government seems to have gone to intercept data from the firm's private fiber network. the nsa chief general keith alexander has denied the allegations. he said the report is incorrect and that his organization obtains court orders before collecting necessary information. google and yahoo! user accounts through a court-approv
tapped the cell phone of chancellor angela merkel. strobel says snowden made it clear he knows a lot. snowden has revealed details of several top u.s. surveillance programs. u.s. leaders are demanding the russian officials return him to the u.s. so he can face charges of espionage and theft of government property. >>> germany has criticized the apparent spying operation against merkel. now u.s. secretary of state john kerry admitted some of the spying activities were inappropriate, but stopping short of clarifying the details. kerry spoke to a conference in london via video link on thursday. >> some of these actions have reached too far, and we are going to make sure that does not happen in the future. >> but he defended u.s. intelligence gathering, saying it has stopped numerous terrorist attacks. kerry said president barack obama is conducting a thorough review of the spying to avoid creating anymore concern. >>> government officials here are looking to overhaul the operator of japan's crippled nuclear plant. aiuchida joins us from the business desk. >>> ministry officials want to
the nsa tapped german chancellor angela merkel's cell phone and monitored the communications of other foreign leaders. the reporters based their stories on information provided by former u.s. intelligence contractor edward snowden. the spying allegations have forced officials in the white house to promise changes to how they gather information. >>> u.s. forces are trying to break up a group of militants in east africa linked to al qaeda. they've killed two members of al shabaab in a drone strike. the militant group is based in southern somalia. interior ministry officials there said two of its members
phone of german chancellor angela merkel. the lawmaker met the former u.s. intelligence contractor in moscow. german media say the legislator of the opposition green party hans christian strobella spent three hours with snowden. snowden reportedly said he's ready to speak before german prosecutors and members of parliament. he told german tv that snowden appeared to have a lot of information about the eavesdropping issue. observers believe his testimony will help shed light on the alleged spying but they also expect washington to oppose the move. the u.s. government demands that moscow return snoweden to face charges. he now lives in russia under asylum. >>> representatives of an international monitoring organization are reporting progress in the first phase of their efforts to rid syria of chemical weapons. officials with the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons say the government has destroyed all of its production facilities. >> the syrian government has completed what we call the functional destruction of its entire chemical weapons making apparatus and what are
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uncomfortable with the cell phone collection against angela merkel and i think that shouldn't have been done and that's going to be suspended. but at the same type, we have to be careful about saying we will never spy againss like germany and france because sometimes we have major policy differences. >> policy differences notwithstanding, something has to take place so that, like you said, fred, we're not spying on democratic leaders like angela merkel. the presidents and leaders of those nations. the president has said that will not happen again. i want to change gears just a minute here. rick, fred joining with us here. let's congratulation rick on being cancer free. it's a good thing, rick, tell us about that really quickly. >> well, thanks. i am cancer free. i'm growing my hair back so i'm pretty excited, thank you. >> we're excited for you. you have battled back fromlymph. that's quite a battle. that's something we all can agree on. our prayers have been answered. to see you healthy again. again, try to get through this and thank rick and frederick for joining us this afternoon to share
with the foreign minister of germany, guido vestivale who said in relationship to the tapping of angela merkel's phone. you can't catch terrorists by tapping your friend's phones and laid down the thesis that yes, there are legitimate areas of espionage, yes, we have to find the bad guys, but it doesn't mean to say we can't find some kind of balance vis-a-vis all our citizens and all of those people who think that they're being tapped in and for which we find this unacceptable. so that's the debate that's going on in europe right now. whether it's in germany and spain or other places. having said that, they all know very well that there is a big link of intelligence-sharing and you know, between each other and with the nsa. >> do they, do they, how do they see snowden? do they think of him as a traitor? do they think he has provided some sort of public service to the world by revealing these kind of, the methods that the u.s. gets its information, its intelligence, sensitive intelligence? >> it fends on who you speak to. obviously the united states calls him a traitor and says what he's done i
into the cell phone of angela merkel. [laughter] matter what our government is do that. and we have a lot the we can get there where. >> is a problem to your ability for a lot of things. i think it's a bad place to be to solve problems. and so how can go and address this problem. because usually when that happens. >> or he should do that. i think he should asked the ceos. what would it be this is perfectly. >> i'm basing it on history. >> and saying i don't know what will take place at this meeting but i expect that they will talk about this and chinese hacking into our companies they take our information conclude that we get rid of it. will. >> do you think of the allies, if a big capabilities. neil: absolutely. are you worry about what that says about our security i think it's scary to imagine that he is in the dark about a number of issues. >> is a lot of things that bush didn't know about. >> i'm not sure that makes sense that he would be unaware of that. >> he doesn't know about the irs much of that. >> i think he actually does know about this, but i will tell you that i think he probably c
the apology have nodded knowledge that? anyway. >> if you recall the statement from angela merkel the united ,tates, is not and will not listening in on her phone conversations there was never any statement about the past tense. it was current and future. did you know what was going on? known most i would have would have been the security and assessments without saying specifically where they came from. assessmentof some inld be high-level officials you would never know whether that was one arm -- one on one, transferred in conversation, but they do not describe in the reports that we get that so and so's conversation was tapped. that is not the way the report reads. people assumedt there were conversations where they were overheard but it was not as though they come to us we want yout saying all to know that we are listening into conversations. >> you're not going to believe it angela merkel just said. [laughter] >> right. >> it did shock you when you read the report. >> it did. it startles us. when we hear of something that wrong, i don'tso think we ought to be tapping the phone conversati
for if haven't acknowledged it? anyway. about angelament merkel is that the united states is not and will not be in on her phone conversations. there was never any statement about the past tense. was always current, future. did you know this was going on? you got all of the security -- specifically. i think the most that i would have known would have been the would have been the intelligence assessments. saying specifically where they came from. in other words, it could be say, well, that the source of assessment would be high level officials, for instance, in a country. but you don't know that was one on one or transferred anonymously in conversation. whether it was overheard. the source is -- they don't describe in the reports that we get that so and so's phone was -- conversation was tapped. that is not the way the reports. assumed say that people that there were conversations were overheard but i don't -- it wasn't as though a reporte to us with saying we want you all to know earliesenning in on -- are listening in to conversations of leaders. >> not going to believe w
angela merkel rounds out the top five. fascinating stuff. michele mccoury is in new york city. it thinks are watching her, thanks for watching us. we will see you tomorrow. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- 
't shocked by angela merkel's phone being monitored? >> no. >> is this like the new tie tony blair was going to we're before he left his house? >> general can i ask you a question, is it surprising to you, does it raise questions when the president of the united states says he wasn't aware after this kind of under surveillance and monitoring was under way? should the president know or not know? what is your impression of that? >> i am kind of in the same place that senator colins was. you would have thought he would have known. on the other hand, i can imagine circumstances where he might not have known this specific or that specific. but your quote from like leiter in andrea's piece is inseissive. it is impossible for me to believe that the administration, the white house the nsc did not have knowledge of what was going on. after all, what was happening was done in response to specific requests for information they were making. >> oh, wow. general hayden, it's willie geist. so you say everybody does it and this is a natural thing between nation states. obviously, chance lor merkel was showi
's angela merkel's personal cell phone, in her case for more than a decade, all from what they call do dos nest. a cia inside of berlin. how did the man who won the nobel peace prize become the subject of europe's scorn. the white house can thank nsa leaker, edward snowden. president obama has had to apologize to hollande, merkel, and current and former leaders in mexico and president ruseff who even canceled a state visit to washington she was so angry. while the nsa scandal is also causing protests at home, with european allies, it could cost serious money. the european union, america's largest trading partner, is threatening to cancel pending trade talks in the u.s. >> when we're doing this in germany, france, great britain, other nations we've been allied with in fighting al qaeda, invading libya, these kinds of things just trample trust. >> the administration and its defenders say most of the spying is legitimate for the protection of the u.s. and its allies. >> so a bad guy in afghanistan can use networks in france or germany or great britain or the united states and plan operations
german chancellor angela merkel. however a german newspaper cites an n.s.a. source claiming the president knew everything as far back as 2010 and gave the go ahead to boost surveillance. we'll be hearing more about this one. >>> 911 calls released from the terrifying moments five people were thrown from a ride at the north carolina state fair. >> yes, we're at the state fair and a ride turned upside down and dumped everybody out! there's people bleeding very bad, like their hand and stuff. >> five people fell [inaudible] >> the ride's operator, timothy tutterrow will face a judge later today. he was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. investigators say that ride was tampered with and safety devices were compromised. more arrests expected. >>> this one sound like a scene from a movie. four inmates escaped from jail by climbing through a trap door above a shower. oklahoma police say the inmates crawled 30 feet and then escaped through that door. >> this time all they had to do is push the door and walk out because it's not in the jail. if it's that easy they need to revamp. >> the tr
place but it went right up to the leaders such as angela merkel. that's the issue that sparks the most anger. >> all right, jim, thank you so much. interesting, though. mike rogers always says, that's why the president has to have an encrypted blackberry and cell phone. everyone is trying to spy on president obama as well. >> we don't know how much the politics is masking the practicalities these days. >> good one. >>> another storm, not of the political nature, a real one is brewing and could cause problems across the midwest and impact your halloween. let's bring in indra petersons who's tracking the storm for us. what do we know? have you stopped the storm. >> it almost looks like a big bullseye on the weather map. it tracks its way across. it's going to impact a huge chunk of the country for the next several days. heavy snow through montana, wyoming, even today, dustings through colorado. that cold and dry air will clash with that warm and moist air as the system makes its way east. every time you see this, you get perfect ingredients for severe weather. we're talking kansas city d
amid accusations the u.s. spy agency has been tapping in to angela merkel's phone since 2002. the front page of der speigel says it all. the nest pointing to the u.s. embassy in berlin. the nasdaq denying german reports that president obama was told about the tapping of miss merkel's phone three years ago. spain has called the u.s. ambassador in madrid to talk about charges the u.s. has been spying on spanish citizens. the big question that we're going to try to answer over the next few days is will this hurt u.s. businesses overseas? will there be a rift or a lack of trust if you will? we'll try to answer these questions in the next few days for you. >>> shares of merck moving lower today, last trade is down 2.5%. the company reporting better than expected third quarter earnings, though revenue fell below street estimates because of lower sales of its again new via diabetes drug, adding evidence its biggest product was losing ground. bristol-myers squibb moving higher by better than 6%. morgan stanley upgrading that stock following friday's data on its newest cancer drug to treat lung
chancellor angela merkel, they say. she's very happy with us these days. we listened in on her phone calls, you might have heard about that. and then there's the pope. the word is we were spying on them before this one actually became pope. and then there's president xi of china, the third most powerful person in the world. china is also quite unhappy. then there's president obama who used to be the most powerful person and this year only the second most powerful person. and he says he's upset about the spying. and look who is the most powerful person in all the world according to "forbes," putin. we did not have to spy on putin to see his greatest hits. for he makes them available to one and all. this is manly putin on a horse, shirtless, here's manly putin with a gun, again shirtless and in a field. here is manly putin with a shirt in camo-ish colors and a hat. big fish, did he catch it? i don't know. here's putin with a large animal and someone who looks like a cross between fidel and -- and here putin is in his olympic regalia hanging out with dogs, it would appear. very manly. here's
from russia to berlin to help investigate allegations of the u.s. bug, angela merkel's obile phone. >> three days of national mourning have been declared after the bodies of more than 90 my grans were found in the shahara early this week the group died of thirst when the convoy they were traveling in broke down in the desert. against the odds, some migrants survived. let's go to the bbc who is in senegal. you have been hearing the stories emerging from the desert. >> yes. he local authorities and the rescue workers are still trying to pin down what happened during the past few weeks. so these migrants who went across the sahara desert, but we heard the account of one of the survivors and she's a little girl, a teenager, 14 years old and here is what she told us. >> we waited for two days in the desert. no food. no water. before we decided to start walking. some vehicles passed us by. we tried to stop them but no one would stop. we sat under a tree. and that was where one of my sisters died. we buried her there. then we continued walking and after a day, my second sister died. then
german chancellor angela merkel. insta statement, she said: the white house says president obama was not aware of just how extensive the n.s.a.'s intelligence gathering was until this summer, but the president insists there will be a complete review of the n.s.a.'s spying policy. >> what we've seen over the last several years is their pass has continued to develop and expand and that's why i'm initiating now a review to make sure that what they're able to do doesn't necessarily mean what they should be doing. >> in washington, a european delegation arrived looking for answers about n.s.a. spying claims, including new allegations the u.s. monitored 60 million calls in spain last december. >> trust has to be rebuild. we need to figure out why this kind of mass surveillance activity is happening and what kind of trust needs to be rebuilt. in the end, we're fighting a battle in terms of security. we need to get that balance right. >> while president obama maintains that he is the final user of all n.s.a. intelligence, european officials are not backing down. they want their privacy b
security, the nsa and spying on german chancellor angela merkel and so on, so forth, goes on and on? >> i don't think that, parents when they're thinking of their child's safety are really feeling like they're abusing, they're doing what they feel they need to do to keep their child safe. lori: fair point but just not parents who would buy that product, right? anybody could buy it? disgruntled spouse could buy it and sneak it into the spouse's car if they're suspicious? >> that is a possibility. lori: all kinds of uses. >> definitely a possibility, but cell phones are out there and, this is really device you buy for a special purpose. lori: right. >> you know, with cell phones, people can track cell phones as well. we're really not trying to tell people how to use their device. we want to make something available to parents so they're comfortable with their kid and they can feel safe when their kids are out and about. lori: so how many of those have you sold so far? >> we don't disclose numbers. we've been a growing company since 2008. it has been a very good product for us. we also have
the president knew any more than i know if he knew that when he spoke to angela merkel from his cell phone to her cell phone that the nsa was listening to both of them. i don't know what he knew and when he knew it, but i know when he has an obligation to know and if he has an obligation to know something and willfully doesn't know it, then he's not doing his job. for him to say i know that you can keep your health care, i know that you can keep your doctor, period, when he doesn't know it, he has materially misled us without any consequenc consequences. charles: to the point of running upon this, i mean, this is not something i would say in passing once or twice. this was the key focus of the campaign and the democrats continuously say, hey, we're won on obamacare so leave it alone, but you won on a lie. >> charles is correct 100%. how can we not lie to the government, like martha stuart. her lawyer said is my client a target of the investigation. the fbi says no. and the fbi asked her a question, she lies. what's the ultimate outcome? she goes to jail and the fbi agency is on the job. ho
're followed by xi jinping and pope francis and angela merkel. >>> an anonymous fan bought one of the beatles' home near penny lane. it inspired the tune with the very same name. >>> "price is right" will celebrate the birthday of bob baerk. he turns 90. he'll come back to present a special showcase. he retired in 2007. >> i love "price is right." i love bob barker. it's on the bucket list. >> she can wear the big name tag. norah. >> they look at chief correspondent bob schieffer. hi was honored with the excellence in journalism award. he said the need for journalists is greater than ever. >>> it could create more than a million jobs by 2020. researches say less than 60% of working women choose careers in technology and only 2% have the right education to fill those spots. michelle miller went to indianapolis to see why the digital divide has the tech world world. >> it's exactly why these students never considered computer science growing up. >> my main problem was the stigma around it. oh, you do computer science. you must be anti-social and not ta
if the u.s. tapped angela merkel's cell phone. he offered to help with the investigation and even offered to be a witness. the official says "he knows a lot." he is prepared to come to germ my and give testimony. the official says snowden insists that before coming to germany, "conditions must be discussed." he sent the a personal letter to merkel, which will be red publicly today. >> powerful storms pound the parts of ohio. >> the severe weather is expected to last through tonight, as well. ten people were injured. strong winds damages businesses and downed power lines. the storm caused flash floods on wednesday in sections of texas that left two dead. tornado warnings have been issued, high went gusts are also expected in new york and new england. >> let's bring in our meteorologist. >> very busy system here. what can we expect. >> very busy, we have close to 200 reports, five being tornadoes, close to 150 being wind reports, and also multiple reports of hail across much of the country yesterday. this is a report issued by the s.p.c., the storm prediction center. you can see the areas o
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